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Alipurduar University, (P.O. Alipurduar Court, District Alipurduar, Pin. 736122, West Bengal) is established by THE ALIPURDUAR UNIVERSITY ACT, 2018, West Bengal Act XVII of 2018, Part- III, Acts of the West Bengal Legislature, Law Department Legislative Notification, Published in The Kolkata Gazette (Extraordinary), ASVINA 91, Monday, October 1, 2018; and the University began functioning along with the joining of the first Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Mahendra Nath Roy, Professor of the Department of Chemistry, University of North Bengal, on December 23, 2020, and Dr. Jaydip Roy, erstwhile Principal of Alipurduar College, as the Registrar (Additional Charge) soon after. The first initiative for the foundation of a University in Alipurduar by dint of up-gradation of onetime Alipurduar College was undertaken well in 2015 by an enthusiastic group of teachers of the three colleges, viz. the Alipurduar College, Alipurduar Mahila Mahavidyalaya and Vivekananda College - of Alipurduar town. Thereafter, in a public convention attended by the representatives of the 10 colleges of Alipurduar district in the Conference Hall of Alipurduar College, a “Committee for the Formation of Alipurduar University” was constituted. A 16 page memorandum explaining the logic for the up-gradation of Alipurduar College into a University to be named “Alipurduar University” keeping intact the heritage of the college was compiled; and the same was emailed to the Honourable Chief Minister and the Honourable Higher Education Minister of West Bengal; as well as the hard copies of the same memorandum was sent more than once intermittently to the aforesaid ministers through Mr. Debi Prasad Karnam, the District Magistrate of Alipurduar, and also independently, the last submission of which in the sequence of time was in July 2016. It was a fact that the Chief Minister of West Bengal was herself eager to establish a University nearly in every district of West Bengal; and as a part of her educational policy, she responded positively to the proposal for the up-gradation of Alipurduar College into a University. No wonder, the declaration for the establishment of a University in Alipurduar and that ultimately, according to the original proposal and memorandum, by the suggested up-gradation of Alipurduar College into a University was only a matter of time. The passing of the Alipurduar University Act in 2018 by the Government of West Bengal paved the way to the required transfer of the ownership of the land and all establishments of Alipurduar College by a ‘Deed of Gift’ to the Government of West Bengal; and this accelerated the subsequent developments towards the virtual up-gradation of Alipurduar College into a University. Eventually, the functional set up of the Alipurduar University along with the joining of the Vice-Chancellor and of the Registrar (Additional Charge) in the end of 2020 was the logical fulfilment of the expectation of the people of Alipurduar. Now the Alipurduar University marches on its path of present determination, future dream and aspirations.